jim ruiz set

Jim Ruiz Set’s latest LP Mount Curve Avenue available 10/25/12 on Korda Records and Mystery Lawn marks the first release in 14 years by the legendary Jim Ruiz!   Now operating under the name Jim Ruiz Set; the band has been hard at work on this stellar 14 song opus.  Read on for their official statement and story.

Jim “Rheezy”

“Our music is black, with yellow and red stripes” – Jim “Rheezy” Ruiz

Their eyes met over their Lambics in the busy Minneapolis bar.  They gave each other the secret sign and in that instant an appointment was made, a journey begun.  Three Froome dogs now united by their passions for two-for-one, wool jerseys, steel lugged frames, and the bittersweet and sometimes tragic history of Belgian cycling.

Each day since that fateful first begins with a 70 km ride, then a practice. Tan lined thighs and dusty faces are the uniform of their work.

Emily “McTaves”

McTaves is a climber who rarely leaves her saddle.  Losing no momentum, she drops riders trying to hold her wheel ascending de Muur van Geraardsbergen as easily as she drops bombs on her chrome Gretsch snare.

Charlotte, Chuck to the peloton, is a ferocious sprinter whose equal has not been seen since the days of the great Freddy Maertens.  She brings that same ferocity to the funky lines she lays down on her Hofner Solid bass.


Charlotte (Chuck)

Rheezy, The Mod Missile, has been known to put two bike lengths on those who dare challenge him for the top podium spot in the final 100 meters.  Uniquely able to balance a breakaway spirit with a strong commitment to his team, this leader is often a GC contender with his beloved JRS strongly positioned to take the team victory.

The JRS, completed their first release, Mount Curve Avenue, with help from their kameraden; Allen Clapp, Allison LaBonne, Brian Tighe, Mike Crabtree, Peter Anderson, Peter Robelia, Jim Ouska, David Salmela, David Hamilton, David Schelzel, and Max Eider. Together they will continue their journey.  They will continue creating deeply beautiful music until songbirds weep and they achieve their ultimate goal: the rainbow jersey.