the starfolk

Stephen Ittner, Jacqueline Ultan, Brian Tighe, Allison LaBonne

Stephen Ittner, Jacqueline Ultan, Brian Tighe, Allison LaBonne

The Starfolk makes melody-rich chamber pop music that rocks in front man Brian Tighe’s quintessentially ethereal way.  Tighe fronted power-pop darlings The Hang Ups in the 90’s, co-fronts bittersweet girl-boy poppers The Owls, and plays lead guitar with the belovedly hush-toned Jeremy Messersmith.

“Tighe still boasts that distinctively airy tenor and a penchant for setting beautiful vocal melodies atop unusual chord progressions — recently described with rightful awe by Messersmith as “like doing ballet in a minefield.” In fact, The Starfolk achieve a far broader sound than that of their frontman’s power-pop past.”–Rob Van Alstyne, City Pages.

In The Starfolk, Tighe is  joined by Allison LaBonne (The Owls, Typsy Panthre) on bass, Jacqueline Ultan (Jelloslave, Saltee) on cello, and Stephen Ittner (The Hang Ups, The Owls) on drums.   Their debut full length is out now on Korda Records.



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