the hang ups

The Hang Ups Live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago 9/2/23 Ticket Link

From their beginnings as a trio formed in 1990 at art school,  to a sextet boasting accomplished albums lauded in music circles around the country, The Hang Ups deliver some of the most appealing guitar-pop music fused with a psych-folk edge heard this side of the Village Green.

The Hang Ups are currently working on their fifth studio album with a pre-release single slated for August 2023.

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The Hang Ups’ song “Jump Start” was featured in the cult classic film Chasing Amy.

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Also by The Hang Ups:The Hang Ups – Second Story

1999 full length produced by legends Mitch Easter and Don Dixon

Second Story Cover

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The Hang Ups – So We Go

1996 full length featuring “Jumpstart” from 90’s cult film “Chasing Amy”

So We Go Cover 2

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The Hang Ups – He’s After Me

1993 debut full length

He's After Me

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The Hang Ups – Comin’  Through

1993 debut EP

Comin' Through cover

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