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  1. Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson at ·

    It’s a good day… the return of Ocean Blue. Takes you away to far away places.

  2. James Knepper
    James Knepper at ·

    Yes Dan, you are correct. Seems like an attempt to get back to the “Cerulean” years. Always a good band and always a choice to play in the car driving in the rain. Very stylish as well. Good to see them back, hope they tour in Colorado in 2013. Cheers!

  3. James Knepper
    James Knepper at ·

    That’s a hint David and the boys, come to Colorado.

  4. David
    David at ·

    I live in Denver, CO…going to Chicago for TOB show at Schuba’s on January 13 : )

  5. Trace Allen
    Trace Allen at ·

    One of the best bands coming back with great new music! Come to Austin TX! Saw you guys here at SXSW for Waterworks. Hope you return soon! Thanks again for the new music.

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