Be Earth Friendly, Bring Your Own Pint Glass to Korda 2 Showcase!


The Cedar has a stellar selection of local brew: Surly, Summit, Flat Earth, Indeed, Rush River, etc; and they will be happy to fill a pint glass or 16 0z keg cup you bring from home to cut down on the use of disposables.  If you bring your own cup, we’ll enter you in a raffle to win the Korda Release of your choice.  Everyone wins when the earth wins, and some lucky someone will win a little something extra!

*When you leave the venue, please be sure your glass is empty and rinsed.  We don’t want open container violations.  To keep the size consistent, only pint glasses or 16 oz keg cups are suitable.  And fyi: the Cedar serves wine in re-usable cups.

Get tickets for Korda 2 Showcase right here.  Pre-sales end at 5PM on 11/30.