Before “The Starfolk” there was “The Hang Ups”!

Once upon a time in the 1990’s, Korda’s own Brian Tighe (The Starfolk) formed the melody rich, sixties-inspired pop group The Hang Ups with two fellow classmates from Minneapolis College of Art and Design: Jeff Kearns and Stephen Ittner.

The Hang Ups went on to release five splendid records, and over their career the line up grew and evolved.  This month an old friend returning to town has inspired the original trio to return to stage for the first time in two decades!

Korda’s own Jim Ruiz will also be appearing, as well as Mountain Singers, Stephanie Says, and guest of honor Reba Fritz.  Don’t miss it!

Reba and Friends

5/30/13 9pm

The Turf Club, St Paul MN