Whole lotta Korda @ Mortimer’s

on 7.21.18, 5pm show.  Our roster’s been writing up a storm, on this early eve you’ll hear new and old songs by The Hang Ups (Brian Tighe),  The Go-Karts (Stephen Ittner), Deep Pool (Jeff Kearns), Vebekkä (Rebecca Fritz), The Owls (Maria May, Allison LaBonne, Brian Tighe) and from the upcoming release by Ice Palace (Adam Sorensen, Allison LaBonne, Emily Ruiz, Jared Miller, Casey Virock, Ian Prince)!  Come early, the sets will be rapid fire musical chairs, as the bands share many members between them, and the whole thing wraps by 9pm!

“Suits” video by Deep Pool

Loving this rocking track from Deep Pool’s brand new LP “Something in the Eye,” and DP songwriter Jeff Kearns’ music video sensibility is a blast!  Release show 10/22/14 @ Turf Club in St. Paul.  Don’t miss any of the above or the below (song, album, video, show)!

Deep Pool! Something in the Eye! Jasmine!

Another killer track from Deep Pool’s debut “Something in the Eye,” which hits the world today!  Here’s Jasmine…join us @ Turf Club 10/22/14 for the Deep Pool release show with Old Gold and Runes av Vaskeri!

Deep Pool “Track n Shop” Video

If you haven’t heard of Deep Pool, perhaps it’s because their captivating debut doesn’t come out til next week.   Titled “Something in the Eye,” this beautiful 9-songer is the funny, smart, very-very cool new-old rock brainchild of Jeff Kearns (The Hang Ups).  The project has spent years evolving and percolating for the right moment, and we’re so excited that the right moment is 10/7/14 on Korda Records!  Here’s an advance song/video to whet your appetite.

Release show 10/22/14 @ Turf Club!

Deep Pool Poster