Korda Kompilation CDs now available in Minneapolis stores

Minneapolis music shoppers: Korda Kompilation CDs are now available at Roadrunner, Electric Fetus, Cheapo and Treehouse Records. And do let us know if they are out of stock at any of those stores.  Featuring two tracks from every Korda band: The Starfolk, The Ocean Blue, Jim Ruiz Set and Typsy Panthre. Only $5!

korda komp cd

It is also available by mail order and download in the Korda Store.

See Korda’s Brian Tighe and Allison LaBonne play at “An Evening with Friends”

 January 24 Evening With Friends is hosted by Jonathan Sunde from The Daredevil Christopher Wright.  I have no doubt that it’s going to be another beautiful music night.
Each EVENING WITH FRIENDS is hosted by a musician that then hand-selects other songwriters + friends to join them for the evening. All musicians start the night on stage together, taking turns playing songs, and the evening ends with a solo set from the host. These nights are amazing for being introduced to new artists, watching collaboration between musicians, and being part of something truly unique.
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Songwriters on the bill:
Jonathan Sunde (The Daredevil Christopher Wright)
Peter Miller (We Are The Willows)
Shane Leonard (Kalispell / Field Report)
Brian Tighe  (The Owls / The Starfolk)
Allison LaBonne (The Starfolk / Typsy Panthre)TICKETS // http://liveletters.net/jonathan-sunde/DATE // Thursday, January 24, 2013
TIME // 7 pm
CASH // 10 bucks
LOCATION // LIVE LETTERS loft. (address is emailed to you after ticket purchase)Wait, I don’t get it. How does this work?
LIVE LETTERS hosts small concerts in a private loft in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis. Because it’s a private residence we only provide the address to ticket buyers. We know it’s a little strange to buy a ticket to a stranger’s living room, but we promise that we’re not that strange and that the unique live music experience is beyond worth it. If you have any questions at all or want more information please feel free to email Sara at hello@liveletters.net.

Request Korda Artists on 89.3 The Current

We are so happy that 89.3 The Current has been playing tracks from all Korda artists.  If you’d take a moment to request a song from one or all of our artists, we’d be thrilled!  Suggestions:  “Blow My Mind” by The Ocean Blue; “From Above” by The Starfolk, “Would You Be There” by Jim Ruiz Set,  “Albina” by Typsy Panthre.

Korda Records Showcase Sat. Jan. 12 at 7th St Entry

First chance ever to see all the Korda artists in one night:  Jim Ruiz Set, The Ocean Blue, The Starfolk and Typsy Panthre.   Come early for Typsy Panthre, their first live show ever.  Stay on for The Starfolk, a rare local performance by The Ocean Blue, Jim Ruiz Set’s CD release show, and after party hosted by 89.3 The Current’s DJ Jake Rudh!

Facebook event

Buy tickets online

Buy tickets at local outlets

Buy tickets by phone: 1-800-514-3849

Set Times:

8:15 pm  Typsy Panthre

9:00 pm The Starfolk

10:00 pm The Ocean Blue

11:00 pm Jim Ruiz Set

12:00 pm DJ Jake Rudh


City Pages Feature on Korda Records

Star/Tribune feature on Jim Ruiz Set


The Starfolk “From Above” new music video


Jim Ruiz Set “Allison” Song of the Day on 89.3 The Current

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Korda Records Showcase, 7th St Entry, Sat Jan 12!

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Our hearts are all a-flutter about the Korda Records Showcase at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis on Saturday Jan 12th.

Join us for a festive night filled with performances by all Korda artists: The Ocean Blue, Jim Ruiz Set, The Starfolk, Typsy Panthre--plus a special Transmission after-party to follow live performances by the Current's Jake Rudh.

Korda Records issued three exciting releases in fall 2012: Typsy Panthre - Typsy Panthre, Jim Ruiz Set - Mount Curve Avenue, and Korda Artists - Korda Kompilation. More excitement ahead--first full length in a decade by The Ocean Blue, and debut LP by The Starfolk both coming in early 2013. The Korda Showcase is our chance to celebrate all these good things with you!  

We'll have Jim Ruiz Set CDs hot off the press (--it's their CD release show!), a rare local performance by The Ocean Blue, the first-ever live performance by Typsy Panthre, and download cards from The Starfolk containing a sneak preview of their April 23rd 2013 debut full length.

Korda Records is a Minneapolis based record label cooperative launched in 2012 by Allison LaBonne (The Starfolk, Typsy Panthre, The Owls), David Schelzel (The Ocean Blue), Brian Tighe (The Starfolk, The Hang Ups, The Owls), and the Legendary Jim Ruiz (Jim Ruiz Set). Korda (n. Swedish chord) is comprised of a close knit group of friends who love each others' music, and want to help each others' music reach more people who will love it too.

Sponsored by 89.3 The Current.

Purchase tickets here.
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We invite you to enjoy our first KORDA KOMPILATION available here. This 8 song CD and digital sampler features new album cuts and rare unreleased tracks from Jim Ruiz Set and Typsy Panthre; plus exclusive sneak previews from long awaited forthcoming albums by The Ocean Blue and The Starfolk. Presenting exciting new work from every Korda Artist, Korda Kompilation is the perfect introduction to Korda Records!



Korda Records Showcase!

The first annual Korda Records Showcase in Minneapolis will feature performances by all of the Korda Records Artists (Typsy Panthre, The Starfolk, The Ocean Blue, and Jim Ruiz Set) and conclude with a fabulous afterparty by dj Jake Rudh, celebrating the new label and the music made and loved by the Korda Artists. Get tickets while you can!