Jim Ruiz Set new album out Oct 25 on Korda Records

Jim Ruiz Set’s new album Mount Curve Avenue available 10/25/12 on Korda Records and Mystery Lawn marks the first release in 14 years by the legendary Jim Ruiz!

Korda Records 002

Now operating under the name Jim Ruiz Set with Emily Ruiz on drums and Charlotte Crabtree on bass; the band has been hard at work on this stellar 14 song opus, recorded during a week-long charmed sojourn in a stately ivy covered mansion on Mount Curve Avenue in Minneapolis.

The album could not have been completed without a little help from a lot of their friends: Allen Clapp, Allison LaBonne, Brian Tighe, Mike Crabtree, Peter Anderson, Peter Robelia, Jim Ouska, David Salmela, David Hamilton, David Schelzel, and Max Eider.   This poignant, witty, devastating and loving collection of jazz infused pop songs will melt your neo-acoustic heart.


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