Welcome, The Owls!

Allison LaBonne, Brian Tighe and Maria May: The Owls

New tracks coming Nov 30 on Korda 2 Komp, their first gig in two years at Korda 2 Showcase, and a new album out 2014 on Korda Records! We are beaming with delight to pull The Owls under our Korda umbrella, and can’t wait for you to hear their enchanting voices on Korda 2 Komp.

The Owls (Maria May, Allison LaBonne, and Brian Tighe) are three songwriters who make harmony rich, melodic, acoustic indie pop. They released Our Hopes and Dreams in 2004, and Daughters and Suns in 2007 to wide acclaim.

The Owls are a rare band gifted with three very talented songwriters who are also three wonderful singers, each perfectly suited for the kind of melancholy, intimate setting they songs create. When they blend together in different formations, it can raise goose bumps and warm hearts. –All Music Guide

The Owls formed in 2000 and hail from Minneapolis, MN. Other members over the years include drummers Stephen Ittner and John Jerry.

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