The Hang Ups + Willie Wisely 8.08.21

“A co-bill made in heaven, one that Brian and I have been trying to make happen for years. We met each other as very young lads, in a music scene absolutely bursting. And the excitement continues as The Hang Ups (8:30p set) and yours truly (9:30p set) rock The Turf Club on a hot August night.” –Wilie Wisely

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Welcome, Dany & The Dragyns!

Surf’s up in the heavy with a dashing debut single by Dany & The Dragyns: “Bde Maka Ska Surf” b/w “White Volvo Wagon.” A collaboration from the Skagen, Denmark shelf of the treasure-lined vaults of John Crozier, catch this timeless wave!

guitar solo!

Guitarist Casey Virock adds so much texture and atmosphere to Ice Palace. While COVID-19 has changed some of our plans, we are excited to still be releasing the Ice Palace single + video “The World’s Secret Powers” on April 3 🌱stay tuned & stay healthy!

Film Noir: Ida Lupino’s Hitch-Hiker

The lyrics from the Typsy Panthre song “Hitch-Hiker” are drawn from the plot and dialogue of this 1953 classic thriller by Ida Lupino; the first film noir directed by a woman.  It’s terrific, and you can watch it for free below.  True story!


The Ocean Blue, The Starfolk, Jim Ruiz Four, and The Owls will play their hearts out for you in honor of Korda’s first year.  Jake Rudh will be spinning.  Our brilliant new Korda 2 Komp CD will be at the merch table.  Make Thanksgiving weekend extra special with new music and live music from Korda Records!

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Korda Kompilation. Ship it.

Urban Dictionary: “ship it” (exclamation)  1. The affirmation of a suggested act of extreme awesomeness 2. The act of giving someone something awesome.  We accept either definition.

We are assembling the cds ourselves so that we can use recycled jewel cases, and using recycled/re-used mailers when possible.  I feel like one of Santa’s elves packing them up and sending them all over the country/world.

Korda Kompilation features super cool artwork by Oed Ronne and super fantastic new music from every Korda artist!  Buy it now on CD or download.

Ship it.